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If you have freckles, brown spots, facial redness or uneven skin tone, IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) Photo Rejuvenation is perfect for you! Skin problems, such as these can be caused by age, sun exposure, genetics and many other factors. With Photo Rejuvenation, you can combat these unsightly effects and significantly improve your facial appearance. Photo Rejuvenation is an amazing light based technology for men and women who want to revitalize their appearance without any down time. This non-invasive solution will get you back to looking your best. We can treat each area as needed - face, neck, arms, hands and restore your skin’s radiance. 

Treatments can be performed every four weeks and they only take about a half an hour out of your day. After just one treatment, you will have a more even tone: freckles and sunspots will fade, and pores will shrink. With subsequent treatments, you will see even more improvement in these areas. Patients with rosacea will see some reduction in redness and flushing. How this revolutionary technology operates is it allows light to pass through superficial pigment containing cells, destroying unwanted pigmentation. The IPL Photo Rejuvenation laser has been carefully calibrated to seek out specific pigments in the skin - redness, darker discolored patches or dark spots. This gentle and safe treatment can truly create a marked difference in your skin over time, since the skin continues to improve for weeks after the actual IPL treatment.

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